Thursday, April 17, 2008

The blog works how?

As somebody (as always, to be read as nobody) once said, Architect the crap out of everything ;-). Following that grand tradition, I present the architecture of my blog 'Listen to me !!!'

Publish feeds per tag.
Have human readable feed links.
Profile, audit, and stalk feed subscribers (just kidding - i just look at statistics)

I blog at and as you know, the blogs are served by Feed burner. Feed burner gives decent feed statistics. The trouble is, and Feed Burner in all their Google backed glory do not support Tag specific feeds (if I'm wrong, please do let me know).

Enter Yahoo Pipes which lets you slice, and dice feeds. I created a pipe per feed that essentially a ContentFilter (ContentFilter from EIP). The content filters looks for the specific Tag, and block all other posts. But, the url of yahoo pipes is believe me, not human readable. For this and other reasons, the outputs are routed to feed burner and voila !!! You now have all three goals achieved.

Oh, the Tech feed is also routed to my employer Lab 49's blog so all my tech feeds appear in that site too.

And yes, since these feeds are dependent on Blogger, FeedBurner, Yahoo Pipes and Your blog reader working perfectly, it gives me a great sense of confidence that the feeds won't go down :-)

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