Thursday, April 10, 2008

The blog is named what?

I got several (to be read as 0) inquiries about the name of the blog. So, I want to explain it to remove any confusion. The name is supposed to be pronounced with a bit of command in your voice. Imagine yourself in a classroom full of boisterous, out-of-control kids. And, you want to get their attention. Now use that tone of voice and pronounce "Listen to Me!!!"

Now, Listen to Me!!!, and enjoy reading the posts.


Anonymous said...

It sounds more like "listen to me pleeeeeease, please listen to me, please.. boo..hoo..

Dushyanth said...

I knew you would hear it that way. But, it is not :-)

Anonymous said...

10 Ways to Learn New Things in Development

1. Read books.
2. Read Code
3. Write Code
4. Talk to other developers
5. Teach others
6. Listen to podcasts
7. Read blogs
8. Learn a new language
9. Learn the anti-patterns
10. Be Humble

Learning means:
* Replacing faulty knowledge with better knowledge
* Adding knowledge that you do not already have

Dushyanth said...

That is a nice list. I am definitely going to follow/recommend it.

Spiritual Warrior said...

I would have put it more like OBEY.

Spiritual Warrior said...

Review your Code with others.
Review Others Code.
Read books/docs/blogs/forums
Stay away from flamewars in forums

Have safe sex.